CS technology is managed IT services provider and we offer a range of services to our customers. We are just a call away if you want to avail any service that we are offering.

Maintaining and Managing
Your operating system is the main part that keeps the business running. Regardless of which laptops, workstations or desktops you use or which operating systems you are running, CS Technology manages and keeps up them all. We keep the softwares and drivers updates as well as manage and track the licenses, integrating them with the current system. Guaranteeing that your desktops, PC and workstations are operating consummately isn't just our objective.

Server and Network Solutions
Networks have a great deal of moving parts, ranging from storage, servers, and firewalls to routers, load balancers, switches, and much more. CS Technology provisions secure and inventories your network gear and systems, guarantee all drivers and software are state-of-the-art, manages the licenses, integrates them with the current hardware, and the sky is the limit from there. Regardless of what sort of network engineering you have, we keep it running consistently.

Email and Anti Spam Solutions
Proficient communication is a standout amongst the most critical tools for running a successful business. While the benefits of email are unquestionable, in case you're not satisfactorily protected, you are leaving the business open to the online attacks including phishing, malware, spam and viruses. With Email and Spam Protection from CS Technology, your business can appreciate a reliable email system without being presented to the safety threats related with email. Try not to give online threats a chance to be the destruction of your business. Email and Spam Protection from CS Technology guarantees your email is working to profit your organization, and will never abandon you vulnerable to security issues.

Data Backup and Recovery
Disaster recovery is a lot of plans and activities to help with technology continuation in case of a characteristic or man-made disaster. At CS Technology, we focus on IT systems that support business forms. We can enable you to determine the value of your organization data and the significance of an exhaustive data backup and disaster recovery plan. Notwithstanding backing up your data on location, having data stored at an off-site location will keep disasters from threatening your basic organization information

VoIP Phones system support
Doubtlessly that VoIP is the best telecom choice you can profit for your home or business. CS Technology will assist your business with picking the best VoIP provider for your necessities which is not generally as easy and simple as it appears.

Office Moves & Wiring
When you depend on our strategic solutions for structured cabling systems, office link management, office moving, technology relocation planning, communications and network cabling, office cabling services, or hardware or server racks, you can breathe a sigh of relief realizing that the business is in good hands.

Structured Cabling
CS Technology structures and installs expandable, integrated, adaptable, and cost-effective systems to accommodate your organization's developing needs. We give a solid foundation that supports the business, including flexible cabling frameworks for numerous data, voices, multimedia and video. We make schematics of the present network model and a proposed solution. Through these benefits, your business network will make the business safer as well as increasingly secure.

Remote Support
Remote Support Services enables our local technicians to offer you with quick service while saving you cash as well as increasing the productivity. Has somebody in your office that has been unable to complete an undertaking due to a small issue with their PC? Do you’ve a staff member that invests more energy helping other people with their PCs than they do complete their very own work? Remote Support Services can dispense with these efficiency killing issues.