Maintaining and Managing

Maintaining and Managing

We offer on demand software and hardware management services to the companies that are in anyway related to using computers in networking or sole ways. We offer:

On Demand Maintenance of Software:
We are software kings. We understand all the popular software applications including basic software used for office management such as Microsoft, data management software, inventory management software, inventory management software application. Famous software include: AutoDesk, Microsoft, Corel, Novell, ESRI, Lotus, Nat, Netscape, Oracle, and ERDAS.

How we maintain your software applications:
If you are having different sort of problems occurring regarding same software in the different devices, such as;

  • Your accounting software doesn’t offer correct values
  • The attendance software is marking presents of absent students
  • Any software is getting your computer hanged again and again

In all above situations or others, we will visit the place and try to work in the software to understand the nature of the problem. Sometimes, a hardware problem can cause disrupt the software from working. After detecting the problems, engineers of our company will start maintaining it. From repairing software to maintaining it, we can do all according to the nature of problem. However, we make sure you don’t lose precious data in any case.

On Demand Management of Hardware:
You can also hire us for hardware management. When computers are working in networks, a single problem in one computer can disturb the whole network as all the computers are attached to one another. Moreover, hardware related problems can even cause loss of data. No matter when a product or equipment was purchased, you can call us. For example if you see;

  • Printer is not giving right prints or not prints at all.
  • Network cable is plugged out.
  • Server computer is causing network disturbance
  • Screen is not broken but not giving images
  • Computer is not working

In all these situations, we offer warranted services. You can call us. Our basic priority is to make a computer working rather than just replacing it. We make sure to test and use all our expertise in making a hardware piece however in worst situations; you may have to replace it. However, we offer replacement warranties as well in convenient rates.

Our Core Values Include:
You would be thinking that there are many other companies offering software and hardware maintenance and management, then why should you hire us, right? Well, there are some core values of our company that makes us different from other companies. Such as:

  • On Demand Services:

Whenever you need a service regarding software or hardware, pay us just then. We don’t charge you on monthly or quarterly basis without providing services.

  • Emergency services:

We work on weekends as well. If you want to get company’s equips are managed when staff is absent, you can call us. We offer convenient emergency maintaining and managing services.

  • Warranties:

Once we have worked on software or fixed equipment, any sort of issues reoccurring in the given period will be addressed for free. Our company is built on trust of our clients.