Email & Anti Spam Solutions

Email & Anti Spam Solutions

Each association is an objective for email messages that diverts and upsets from your workers from building your business and addressing client needs. Business experts concur that exploring spontaneous emails is an inconvenience to productivity, with worldwide monetary costs speaking to several billions of dollars every year.
New threats are rising each day! The requirement for cutting edge email insurance has never been more noteworthy. Depending on the measure of an association and its client base, the cost of distinguishing and tending to email-based security vulnerabilities can be cosmic. In a period when electronic mail is always under danger from spam and viruses, it's pivotal that all associations furnish their clients and workers with a strong email filtering stage equipped for blocking security threats at their source. CS technology gives the best email and anti spam solutions to the clients that will keep their business running.

Increase the Productivity, no more time wasting on filtering through the junk email
Since CS technology would capture the email before it reach the Inbox and your workers will never again manage every day spam messages.

Prevent Spam and Viruses entering the Infrastructure
Appreciate the extraordinary precision of 99.98% in spam and infection detection along with ordinary as well as timely updates to the Spam definitions along with the latest Virus attacks. We will have automated updates to unmatched spam intelligence framework and automated updates for latest danger definitions.

False-positive rate of less than one in a million
With CS technology, you will never lose authentic Emails (false-positive rate of 0.0001%). On account of CS technology 4-level control board, each and every email can be situated through the online quarantine or email reports and can be released with only a single click.

Get your network Spam free
CS technology ensures the network against phishing emails, spam, and emails containing Trojans, viruses, and other malware. CS technology will tone down the everyday risks your representatives face from opening attachments and succumbing to phishing attacks.

Save valued Web Resources
CS technology is a proprietary self-learning savvy technology solution that accompanies 24x7x365 programmed and monitoring updates. Give CS technology a chance to handle your anti-spam system so your in-house IT resources can all the more likely support imperative business duties. CS technology guarantees that just relevant emails will enter in your network.

CS technology helps you with email marketing
CS technology experts will help you with email marketing. They will design the emails and send them to your clients or targeted market for marketing. CS technology can help. We offer a remarkable anti-spam and email filtering service that is situated in the cloud, which means it very well may be utilized from for all intents and purposes any location to secure the clients as well as workers. Our anti-spam and email filtering offering is designed to sift through conceivably harmful emails at their source, the data centres, which means these threats are diminished long before they reach your clients or your team.