Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

Your data and networks are the heart that keeps your business alive, so securing these benefits is basic to your future. CS technology makes a bullet proof system by implementing comprehensive remote backup services for your basic business data, server and work area operating systems, just as your server and work area program files. You can inhale simple, realizing that in a disaster situation such as fire, storm, digital assault, server crashes, coffee spills, your business resources are protected.

Keep Moving Forward
A backup and disaster recoup IT solution guarantees that you get back going quicker after disaster strikes, limiting interruption to representative productivity and amplifying your capacity to generate income.

Maintain a Positive reputation
The long-term impacts of downtime can be devastating. Sending a BDR solution guarantees you won't harm your notoriety with clients and accomplices because of extended times of downtime.

Stay Compliant
The results of downtime are serious for associations subject to industry guidelines and other lawful prerequisites, for example, SOX, GLBA and HIPAA. CS technology guarantees you won't need to stress over compliance infringement and legitimate issues identified with the data loss and downtime.

Plan for unexpected issues
They happen to everybody, and they can occur whenever. Take preventive estimates today. Shield and defend your business
Unified System secures your data, network, and systems from hacking, infection threats and ransom ware so you can focus on increasingly critical issues.

Don't wait long for recovery
When your network goes down and data is lost, we'll have it back for you in no time.
Try not to stress over your backups damaging state and government guidelines. Encrypting your backups makes your data unusable by programmers, data hoodlums, and personality criminals in the occasion the backup media is lost or stolen.

No more trying to restore data that was never backed up
Not any more attempting to reestablish data that was never supported up – Since we screen and manage your backups for you, there is no neglecting to change tapes or taking backups off-site. We backup your whole server so data never gets missed on the grounds that somebody neglected to add the new folder to the backup files list.

Maintain Productivity
CS technology calendars and screens backups, just as guarantees recovery in the wake of anything from individual file misfortune to add up to system disappointment. We'll prop you up in any situation.

Lessen Downtime
At the point when disaster strikes, we'll rapidly reestablish your systems to full operation. Our experts get you in the groove again and make you to overlook that there was ever a tragedy.

Save Money
You need reliable solutions at a reasonable cost. Depend on us for competitively evaluated backup and reestablish solutions that deliver true serenity at a value that bodes well. CS technology can make and maintain a complete backup solution altered to address your organization's issues. The kind of business you have and what we determine to be your risk profile will assist in shaping an arrangement that works best for you, regardless of whether it's plate backup, backing up to the remote, cloud, server replication or even a blend of these. We use staggered backup systems and solutions, which are encrypted. Our data recovery authorities are additionally experienced in retrieving lost data from PC, server, workstation and desktop hard drives, and from removable media too.